Interesting Facts About The Yangtze River

Yangtze River
For centuries, the Yangtze River has provided residents of China with the necessities of life. Whether that be fresh water, a source of nourishment of anything else, people throughout China have adored this spectacle of nature. Here are some interesting facts about the Yangtze River to keep in mind when booking a tour of China:
• The Yangtze River is the largest river in China and the third longest in the world behind the Nile in Africa and the Amazon in South America.
• The grain produced in the Yangtze River Basin produces enough for half of the nation, 70% of which is rice.
• The water network of the Yangtze River covers about 694,983 square miles, or 18.8% of the land area in China.
• In 1957, the first bridge (Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge) across the Yangtze River was built. Prior to this, the only convenient way across the river was by ferry for most residents.
• Activity along the Yangtze has been traced back as far as 27,000 years ago. This discovery has initiated debate over the origin of the Chinese people.
• In 1342, historical records show that the Yangtze River in Jiangsu Province ran dry. Water disappeared and the riverbed became completely visible. This happened again on January 13, 1954.
• The Yangtze River is home to two critically endangered species: The Chinese Alligator and the Chinese Paddlefish. In December 2006, the Chinese River Dolphin was declared extinct, however a sighting soon afterwards reversed this declaration (see if you can spot one on one of our Yangtze River Cruises)
Make sure to keep these in mind when enjoying a tour of China on a Yangtze River Cruise vacation with AsiaImpressions!

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