The Enchanting Bund Tourist Tunnel of Shanghai

Shanghai, one of the most popularly visited cities in the world is the epicenter of culture, art, fashion, technology, and entertainment in China. This beautiful city renowned for its historic landmarks is the largest center of commerce & finance, and is a tourist’s delight due to the plethora of activities and destinations that offer a memorable tour to China. One of the aspects of the city that should not be missed during your Shanghai tour is the ravishing and ever-expanding Pudong skyline,  that can be enjoyed by gazing across the sterling Huangpu River from the Bund. The Bund is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Shanghai. The Bund is a charming area comprising of artistic buildings and wharves along the western bank of Huangpu River. Pudong located on the east of Haungpu Rive, is a district which was covered in marsh a few years ago; but today is a reminder of the extent to which China has developed, and is replete with sky scrapers, and modernistic architecture.

When one visits the Bund or Pudong, it’s natural to wonder how one can travel to the other side of the river because there are no accessible boats or bridges. That’s when a visitor gets introduced to what is known as the most popular means of travel to cross Huangpu River - The Bund Tourist Tunnel. The entrance to this fascinating tunnel that connects the Bund to Pudong under Huangpu River is located towards the north of the famous Marshal Yi statue. The platform to board this tunnel ride is underground, where the tourists wait for the transparent cabins to arrive. Once they arrive and tourists are seated, these cabins travel through a subway tunnel were colored lights and images are projected onto the walls of the tunnel.

This is one of the most enchanting rides that you’ll get to experience during your China tour. The tunnel was constructed to offer visitors a dreamy experience highlighted with colorful lights that make infinite creative patterns, capable of addicting anyone to their beauty. The most eye catching feature of the tunnel is the artistry showcases in the drawings that are featured on the walls of the tunnels. The psychedelic color lights and the background music played by a special sound system, delivers an enhanced audio experience, making the journey memorable.

Experience the thrill and excitement by taking this unique journey which is an innovative attempt of  introducing art into transportation, thus offering tourists and local riders a bit of a thrill in an otherwise ordinary journey. Make sure to board the Bund Tourist Tunnel ride during your next tour to Shanghai, especially if you’re traveling with your kids. They will truly enjoy this surprise underground journey!